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Hi girls,

For today’s post I have decided to actually write about fashion, well, something of the sort. A girl’s life can be complicated, as many of you may already know, sometimes we just put on the very first thing we have and rush out of the house, or we spend hour & hours finding something that will make us the “belle of the ball” but how many of you actually stop and think, why am  I wearing this, for whom am i wearing this? You should only dress – to please yourself, and no one else, which leads me into today’s topic: Style. Personally, I believe that every one has their individual style, and by that I am not referring to a sudden trend going around, for example: last summer it was “cropped tops”, or the bright neon clothes seen everywhere all of a sudden last year. No, I am talking about something much more significant than that, I am talking about what defines you, or how you see yourself, what make you feel beautiful and happy. YOUR own style gives you confidence, which is always an attractive point in any girl. It’s your best accessory, trust me. A style is something that identifies “YOU”, it makes you different than everyone else. I understand that sometimes, while getting ready there many factors, like the places you are going to, who you are going with…so you obviously choose something appropriate for that moment. But finding your own style is something that you like to wear when no one is looking, or when there is no one telling you what to wear/like. So how do I find my style?… (*that is other than those of us who have to wear uniforms) We often find ourselves trying to imitate our favorite celebrities, our friends or even models; ultimately the style you choose will belong to no one but yourself. We may look at fashion icons, for example one of mine would be Audrey Hepburn, her style is simple, classy, modest and beautiful… I like all of those things, but i don’t simply try to imitate what I see, I take pieces from   her elegance, add a few of my other likes and make it my own. You don’t have to “define” yourself by just one style, rather it is your own blend, things that make you you! Don’t let others tell you what you like. Personally I strongly believe that finding your style, is like finding a piece of who you are, or who you will grow up to be. After all a trend is temporary, a style is everlasting. "style" Have fun discovering your own style my lovelies! I hope to hear from you soon. B.