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Hello ladies:

I have a special request today so I have decided to elaborate on this idea.

I am often asked many times the way I do my vintage-y “cat-eye” winged liner look. Personally I think its quite simple once you get the hang of it. Some Key points(tips):

  • Beginners: when applying, Liquid liner, gel liner or even just pencil liner on the upper lid keep a steady hand on top of a table, counter etc.
  • Begin with a thin even line, and gradually thicken the upper line
  • *for the cat eye, DO NOT angle the outer line as much as you would with just a winged liner. There IS a difference.
  • keep in handy cotton swabs + vaseline or makeup remover for minor mistakes + to straighten outer line
  • I would also strongly suggest to start from the middle of the eye – outwards.
  • Example of the famous Cat-eye Look (Angelina Jolie)

example of "cat-eye" look

personal favorite products to use:

For the “winged look” simply angle the outer corner to the angle where your natural eye-brow finishes.

other fabulous looks 🙂

Have fun trying this simple, beautiful look:

best of luck