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Bon soir my ladies!

Today I’d like to talk about how wonderful the senior style show turned out to be, I was surprised myself! 

Other than I seriously had no time to work on any homework, all I can say IT IS WORTH IT! 

what girl wouldn’t LOVE to get all glammed up for no reason?

* I must confess though, at the first fitting I HATED, no DETESTED my dress! 

I seriously felt like I threw a hissi-fit over this, practice was awesome, and then on the actual day, right after being pampered with awesome makeup and hairstyle done by professionals, I gently slipped into my aqua “watercolor” blue dress. I LOVED IT! It was very simple and flowy, something comepletely against my own style. I like little black dresses the best, but these people knew what they were doing. Trust me. Even though you would think red lipstick wouldn’t go with light blue, as well as the “All fired-up” sally hanssen nail polish all SAA senior girls had to use, actually stood out. 

It has been a wonderful experience, here are a few pictures of the amazing show!