Hello my lovelies, 

my apologies for neglecting you for a few weeks, anywhooooooo

I was kind of done with things for the day when I decided to make this post, it might be a little random but my inspiration was the beautiful weather we have been having here in TEXAS for ONCE!

Okay so maybe its time to put all those comfy warm pants and sweaters away and start bringing out our skirts, floral dresses and SHORTS! (*YAY) SO here is where our topic begins. Yes, I want to talk about shorts, every girl has that one pair that she would wear all summer if she could, you know what I am talking about. That pair of shorts that fits you the best, the one you feel the most comfortable in…but throughout time they start looking a little worn…yeah, maybe its time to experiment? I have gone to so many stores and I am easily entertained looking at ALL the shorts they have now a days, we are not talking the regular Hollister, American Eagle denim shorts here, NO, they have soooo many options. Ranging from the type of fabric, to colors, texture, shapes and patterns…I have decided to be brave and try all of these in one way or another this year. 

So Normally, I do not consider  myself a “girly-girl” but I really really REALLY (*did you read those three really’s? I must mean it*) want to start out with the Lace pattern ones, I have so many ideas as to what I could pair them with! trouble is finding a good pair! Pastels, my sort of new obsession (*mint green, please), bright colors…. IDK about that one. All in all I know that I  have to give them a chance…maybe its time for this girl to break out of her regular denim shorts routine!

Don’t be afraid to try new thing!