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YES that is correct 2 new twists on the classical tale of Snow White’s story!

Okay okay I will confess, I am huge fan of the Disney Princess, and sadly Snow white is MY least favorite! Well… the Cartoon Disney Version anyways, I don’t like snow’s voice, sorry… *on the bright side, i think Rapunzel is my latest favorite disney princess! SO today my sister and I went to a pre-screening premier of “Mirror Mirror” the first Snow white movie this year with Lily Collins and Julia Roberts.

(I have to warn y’all right now though, DO NOT continue reading if you do not want any spoilers, I may slip up a few times… my apologies in advanced.)

At first I seriously did not want to go, the trailers I had seen for this movie were not all that interesting to me, it looked like it would have been a really kiddie comedy film, to my surprise today though, I found myself laughing next to a college girl who had the same thoughts. It was actually pretty good, costumes, makeup, humor, and settings were AMAZING. Do not get me started on the costumes, THEY were fantastic! I could go on forever…let’s not. but the scenery wasso colorful! and let me not leave out the hilarious side comments Julia Roberts, The Wicked queen, made throughout the movie, it made it all that interesting! Now lets not forget about the prince, who sort of reminded me of Brendan Fraser *the guy from the Mummy; although he may not have said much, I felt that his role was perfect. Thumbs up, for making this Snow White movie all about girl empowerment too!

sooo here is something I friend sent me, I just thought I’d share it with you, I will not say anything other than DON’T see it if you want to wait for the movie to some out. This video is one of the last song Lily Collins sing, its sort of the Bollywood part of the movie, which I seriously still do not understand why that it in there. SO here it is:

I hope you like it!

jusqu’à la prochaine fois 🙂