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…that you can never wear enough blue eye shadow. ” – Shelly 

Well, no offence to Shelly (Jamie Lee Curtis) from My Girl, but personally I have and probably never wear blue powder eye shadow. I decided to write about this today because during the Easter break it pains me to say, that I saw a whole group of little girls, maybe from 12-14 yrs old, COVERED in blue eye-shadow. 1. WHAT are the mothers of these girls thinking?!?!

2. WHY?! WHY why why!?

Hey, I guess everyone has their own different likes. SOooo instead of hating and ranting on the powder blue makeup look. I shall share some tips to make the color more wearable. 

1. you can wear “blue” shadow moderately as such

2. or compliment with a matte soft, neutral color such as browns, golds camel etc. 

3. or as a double liner look

Whatever you choose, when you are feeling adventerous, do it in the most minimal way. Less is more, afterall. 

good luck!