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GO-TO BASICS: These are a MUST

SO what I have just decided to post is this wonderful little check list of “go-to” basics, staples that are a must in ALL closets. Yes, these are the items that you usually turn to when you have “nothing” to wear. Why? because they can all be quickly matched to go together for that chic and effortless look we all eventually aspire. One example of a basic go to outfit: 

*striped shirt paired with THE jeans, *those jeans that feel great every single time you wear them* okay, I’m not saying throw on a pair of heels, BUT you could easily pair the outfit with basically ANY type of shoes, ranging from red little flats, to maybe colorful sandals the “mix-match” settings are limitless. 

so next time you really can’t find the right thing to wear, your go-to items are sure to save you time and keep you from stressing to much!