Hello there!
Sorry I’ve sort of been MIA this past few weeks, don’t get me wrong I have tons to write about, time is just so limited. Well< i have made myself take up a challenge to write at least 2 a week, for starters. I’ve been feeling kind of blue lately, with major decision to make, (I don’t do well under pressure) It has been raining here, and so my staple for these type of days has become my favorite pair of cozy sweat pants and fuzzy socks, power went out last night to I began to write on a tiny piece of paper by candlelight (COULD not find stupid batteries!) I know talk about medieval! SO I started to basically write non-sense and sketch again. I had time alone to reflect on the things that have been bothering me, yes, this will be a zen-type of post, bear with me. My mind slowly started to get tired so I began to think and write down the simplest of things that make my life a little better, if not things that you normally would take for granted. I think this tiny piece of my list in a way represent the type of person that I am. Reading this list again made me smile, to look at how easy it really is to take pleasure in the simplest of things in life if we are willing to truly look. I made two, but I will only show a portion of them 🙂

I challenge you to make a simple list of the things that make you happy, reflect and smile, take the time to find yourself again. what make you smile?

*smell of the perfect cup of coffee

*the smell after it rains

*dancing around the room when no one is watching 

*thinking about all the possibilities

*things I want to accomplish

Found this online, I thought it was quite accurate and so far true


I like this one too!