Yes, its true

what can I say… SEPTEMBER IS AWESOME! 

Not only is my Birthday on this day (P.S. I happen to share the same b-day as Niall Horan from 1D) *not a true directioner but I get that a LOT” ANY WHOOOOOO. 

September brings in the beautiful shades of Fall, my favorite season 🙂 

LADIES its OFFICIALLY BOOT season, or at least getting ready for them!!!! 

Warm cozy Knits, chill, pumpkin spice and apple scents in the air, whats NOT to love?

welll besides the new awesome cover of LADY G on this years September issue of Vogue, which I am just dying to get my hands on….

There is also the fact of the awesome new fall ads we get to see: I think very creative and artsy: 

here a few selected, my personal likes



along with other things to watch out for is just the simplicity and beauty in the small things autumn brings….